HDRsoft Photomatix Pro v6.1-P2P

Description: Photomatix Pro automatically combines differently exposed images of a high contrast scene. Photomatix Pro extends the dynamic range using two images of the same scene, one exposed for the highlights and one exposed for the shadows and combines them into one image with details in both the dark and bright areas of the scene. Photomatix Pro lets you generate a High Dynamic Range Image (HDRI) from any number of differently exposed images. Once your HDRI is created, you can view it through an accessory window that shows local data at the appropriate exposure. Additionally, it lets you automate image combination through an easy-to-use batch processing.


  • Merge to HDR and Tone Mapping
  • Exposure Fusion
  • Automatic alignment of hand-held photos
  • Selective Deghosting tool
  • Options for reduction of noise and chromatic aberrations
  • Automation with powerful Batch Processing
  • Lightroom plugin

Release Name: HDRsoft.Photomatix.Pro.v6.1-P2P
Size: 33.3 MB
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