Back to the Land with Kate Humble S02E02 WEB-DL x264-JIVE

The show is in Yorkshire, where Kate gets stuck in with Mangalitza pig farmers Lisa and Tim. When arable farmer Tim met former hairdresser Lisa she was not content to be ‘just a farmer’s wife’, she was on a mission to introduce animals back to the farm. Tim agreed to purchasing three rare breed Mangalitza pigs, but they couldn’t be ‘freeloaders’ – Lisa’s pigs need to turn a profit and to do that she needs to get the 450kg beasts to breed – which is easier said than done. Kate gets on board with 69-year-old ex-submariner Bob, who upon retirement bought a boat and set about catching lobsters off the beautiful Yorkshire coastline, with a passion to sell the bountiful local catch and sway the public from buying imported lobster. We also meet a sustainable game-keeper who sells what he hunts directly to the public serving his customers deer and game birds as well as cuts of meat, such as venison haunch. Plus, we meet an award-winning glass blowing business based in the heart of the Yorkshire Moors founded by a husband and wife team, drawing inspiration from the beauty of their rural surroundings.

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